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Masters of the craft

We think the best craft beer in the country is being brewed in Montana and in typical Montanan style - we pride ourselves on our work ethic, hustle and making it happen every single day. When we come to work - we show up with an attitude and a goal to brew world-class beer to be enjoyed amongst friends. Go get yourself a cold Jeremiah Johnson today and kick back and enjoy!

Proudly Brewed in Great Falls, Montana

Great Falls, Montana. God's Country, Barley Country...Beer Country. Located in the heart  of Montana's Golden Triangle - the best barley in the world is all around us. We're proud to be from Great Falls where we source world-class barley malt locally then brew our beer with ice cold Rocky Mountain water from the Missouri headwaters and package in-house for a beer that could only come from Great Falls, Montana.


Find a beer that's right for you

Honey Weizen

Our award winning Honey Weizen is the perfect anytime beer for drinkers who enjoy a balance of sweet honey flavors, aromatic hops and a touch of tartness on the back end!

Mountain man

The pride of Jeremiah Johnson Brewing Company. Our Scotch Ale is full bodied, rich and complex with notes of toffee, dark chocolate and caramel. Brewed with Smoot Honey and Molasses for a smooth and surprisingly light finish.

Imperial IPA

Our Imperial IPA is an in-your-face hop-forward beer with balanced bitterness. We bridged Northwest and Northeast IPA styles to create a beer perfect for IPA fans who like to go big!

Citra IPA

Jeremiah's current beer of choice. This American style, Citra-hopped IPA has signature aromas of grapefruit and orange peel for an over-the-top American-style IPA.

Golden Bobcat

Golden Bobcat is a super drinkable Pale Ale that is crisp, slightly tropical and extremely refreshing. The perfect beer day or night and especially terrific served ice cold from the cooler at  BOBCAT STADIUM...Go Cats!

Blonde Ale

Our Blonde Ale is light and refreshing yet with a slight hint of hopped bitterness. Beer drinkers looking for a smooth finish and a great beer to enjoy in the outdoors of Montana need look no further.


215 3rd St. NW

Great Falls, MT 59404


Monday - Sunday, 11am to 11pm

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